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History of KLTGA

Its Brief History and Highlights

In the year 1964, under the guidance and initiative of the late Sdr. S S Virik, chairman of Kuala Lumpur Tourist Association, the 1st Tourist Guides Training Certificate Course was organised. It should be recorded that the lecturers and examiners for the course were drawn from the heads of various government departments related to the tourism industry, professors and deans of faculties of the University of Malaya, general managers and owners of corporate companies, airlines, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, executive directors and secretaries of professional trade associations and statutory bodies. Another interesting fact was all these lecturers and examiners contributed their services out of their enthusiasm on a voluntary basis. However they were given due recognition at the Graduation Ceremony of the 1st Tourist Guides Training Certificate Course held at the Le Coq d'Or, 121 Ulan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and were presented with a token gift contributed by Selangor Pewter. There were 64 candidates who attended the course but only 40 of them received the certificates.

A handful of the graduates of the 1st course had the idea of forming the KLTGA, notably Peter Fang and Lim Ba Bin. Several gatherings and meetings were held at St. Gabriel School, Language Training Institute and Women International Club to discuss and formulate the rules & bye-laws and the constitution of the proposed formation of the KLTGA. A pro tem committee was formed with Peter Fung as chairman, the late Che Din Pawanteh as vice chairman, Joy Leembruggen hon secretary, Lim Ba Bin hon treasurer and Ku Fook Choy, Maniseh Subari, Peter Tan, Charles Tan, Shamsuddin Jaal, David Lim and Chow Loi Hong committee members. Later an inaugural meeting was held to approve the rules & bye-laws and constitution before submission to the Registrar of Societies for his approval. The Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guides Association was officially registered on 10th May 1967 as a Voluntary and non-political public organisation with a registered membership of 28 qualified guides. The annual subscription was $10.00 and the entrance fees were $2.00 for ordinary members and $25.00 and $5.00 respectively for associate members.

The KLTGA is dedicated to assisting the Government in promoting the tourism industry. It provides free guiding services, facilitates the tour operators by providing them with qualified tourist guides and not only assists tourists but also in every way for the benefit of the tourists. The KLTGA seeks to collect surveys, enquiries and to keep records calculated / promote / to directly or indirectly any aspects of the tourism industry and any of the objects of the Association. The KLTGA also arranges for alliance or affiliation and cooperates with any organisation with objectives similar to those of this Association on such terms and conditions as may be in the interest of the Association. Finally, it assists tourist guides to get experience in the field of guiding and seeks to promote international understanding, friendship and travel.

The year 1972 brought about a change of mood to all the sectors concerned with the tourism industry and The Government - for the first time Malaysia was the venue for a worldwide Travel Conference - PATA Conference. Both Malaysia and Singapore were bidding for this conference. However, Malaysia was chosen to host this prestigious PATA (Pacific Area Travel Association and now known as Pacific Asia Travel Association) in 1972 mainly due to the emotional and persuasive speech given by the late Osman Siru, director of the Department of Tourism, Malaysia at the 1969 PATA Annual Conference held in Bangkok. Thailand.

The KLTGA's most important assignment was to provide Tourist Guides to handle the tours for all the PATA delegates and their spouses. This was indeed a historical event and the KLTGA worked hard in full gear the fourth Tourist Guides Course was also timely conducted and finally after careful selection, the Guides were picked out and assigned to the various jobs. The effort paid off well, and the KLTGA's Guides earned a good name for themselves and the industry.

In 1973 there were two noteworthy events for the KLTGA the co-organising Miss Tourism contest (with the Penang Tourist Guides Association) in which the KLTGA rendered invaluable assistance. The KLTGA pioneered a Get Together of all the Tourist Guides Associations in Malaysia - the First Weekend Seminar. This move brought a realisation of the need for a code of conduct and ethics. Whatever drawbacks the first seminar had a starting point was made and indeed much progress was made in the 2nd Tourist Guides Seminar (1974) held in Johore Bahru cumulating in the 'now-in-progress' formation of the M.T.G.C. - Malaysian Tourist Guides Council.

Besides the 2nd Tourist Guides Seminar at Johore Bharu this year, the KLTGA is actively involved in the current 6th Tourist Guides Training Course, and in the “biggest so-far" function - the Tenth Anniversary of the Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guides Association.

PROGRESS with hard work and initiative is our theme. And Malaysia is already on the Tourist Map! The Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guides Association has bright and active years ahead.

The comradeship among the members. the unstinted support to the Association, the dedication and selfless contribution rendered to the

Association by The Committee Members were unparalleled and unheard of in the prevailing environment.

The theme basically is consistent with the efforts of the Government to foster harmonious relationships with people of various nationalities and races and to firmly establish a fruitful industry to benefit our beloved country.

The Government realised the importance of the establishment of the Association and gave the Association its blessings with a grant of 51000.00 as an initial launching grant. The KLTGA is officially housed at the KLTA's Kuala Lumpur Railway Station office.

Through the years Lim Ba Bin who was the Secretary of the KLTA, gave constant support and rendered a lot of help and guidance to the KLIGA, while also serving on the committee of the KLTGA. The KLTGA progressed through thick and thin between the years 1967 to 1972 with a laughable intrigue of democratic manoeuvring for power within the KLTGA although in essence each and every Executive Committee that was elected performed its duties appreciably well and instilled the experience needed for the infant Association to weather the trials and tribulations of the future. Notable among the achievements of the Association during this time was the publication of the Guide Book for use by Guides, which contained consolidated and important touristic facts. The Laurels for this goes to the late Sdr. F.P. Kon who struck on this idea, and with the help of his sub-committee proceeded to complete and produce the pocket-size book that was to prove very valuable as an authority in reference to facts to the Guides, in time to come. (The sale and circulation of this Pocket Guide Book are kept with the qualified Tourist Guides only).

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Who We Are?

Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guides Association (Persatuan Pemandu Pelancong Kuala Lumpur) was registered on 10th May 1967 and started with 28 qualified tourist guides. Today, we have about 1,700 active members.



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